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Break free from load boards. Join the revolution!
Evotrux is a platform built for connecting truckers (carriers) to loads and reduce the amount of time spent driving with an empty truck. This start-up is creating a revolutionary application that fills the market gaps and helps facilitate an overwhelming demand.
App development
Everything at your fingertips
The application is built to service truckers on the road. When they're looking to plot their routes and both to a drop off and home. The Evotrux app helps them save time, make more efficient business decisions, and earn more money per trip by reducing the amount of time they drive with an empty truck.
User Experience Design
Having tools that people know how to use
There were quite a few gap messaging problems that Evotrux was experiencing. Having trouble connecting with your clients can be debilitating for a start-up, so in order to have an experience that is guided ensures user can effectively use the application the way it was designed. I introduced what are called "Tool Tips" to both their desktop and mobile applications to deminish any gap messaging issue they were having with their user base. Interaction based tips that inform user of new tools, ones they haven't used yet, and analytics on running a more effective business.
Time to value
Showing value
Reducing the time to value was a big upgrade for Evotrux. We removed their on-boarding process and switched it with an quick search that creates your account. From there machine learning builds your profile in the background based on your searches and behavior within the application.
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