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a guided approach to empowered investing
The business of teaching people to invest is one that requires a lot of information. Developing a platform that is both user friendly and can handle a large amount of content is crucial. The challenge for GuidedInvestor was to create a dynamic, content driven platform with CMS capabilities for regular updating.
Their previous website had been set up in 2010 and was outdated and they were looking to re-design the entire platform from the ground up. There were some issues with the previous platform and having gated content based on membership was a big one. I created a seamless user experience that has gated content, auto membership renewals, and admin access for GI Traders to be able to edit content daily on the site.
brand development
Empowered Investing
The branding is built around the idea that someone can unlock financial stability and freedom by investing the money they've saved from their careers. Empowered Investing is a statement that gives light to how investing your money tthe right way can help you live without having to worry about financial stresses. To become empowered through investing strategies.
Trading in the markets can be a game changer. I wanted to highlight that through using imagery that would help deliver that message. Giving people the ability to make money while living their lives is a big draw to the GuidedInvestor services. This developed into the "That's The Sound of Empowered Investing" digital campaigns. I came up with the idea to have no music and just the different sounds.
Platform Development
The site itself was built using Webflow and has different integrations that help it function to meet the members needs. Such integrations include Memberstack to gate content and collect member data for logins, Mailchimp for automated marketing and communication with members, and Zapier to build sequences between these integrations and have them flow fluently without interrupting member use of the platform.
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