Based, but not limited to Vancouver, British Columbia
Daniel McMullin Studios, EST. 2019

stunning designs &

creative visuals for

adventurous brands

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Innovative solutions for brands to reach their audience

Digital Design

Digital experiences and designs play a crucial role in a business. I build seamless interfaces for all devices that engage and communicate with an audience clearly. Bridging the gap between people and a brand.

Visual Media

I help businesses shoot, produce, and direct expertly composed video and photography shoots that can be shot on location or green screens.

Social Marketing

Optimizing a brands social platforms through thoughtful campaigns that extend their reach and grow their following.


Helping brands shape their identity through

visual media and digital design to create

authentic connections.

I create at the intersection of passion
and adventure. Bringing brands closer
to their identity and people closer to them.
Identity is the most powerful connection someone can have to anything. When we identify with something we are saying that is part of who we are. This is a fundamental piece of us as human beings.

We use visual media to capture your story that an audience can identify with and calls them to be a part of. The story speaks to them and they unconsciously bind to your brand, fostering emotional connections that create advocates for your brand.