Pattison Outdoor Advertising


Digital Design
Production Design


2019 - 2020
the power of outdoor advertising
For a year I worked at Pattison Outdoor Advertising. I was responsible for producing a wide range of creative pieces for their outdoor advertising. This medium is interesting to work in and teaches you some fundamental principles of design in todays world such as, developing a clear concise message, having consistent branding across all creative, meaningful use of color and typography, developing impactful campaigns and slogans, at times having complete creative direction for a campaign.
In my time there I've produced a multitude of creative pieces. This page is dedicated tto showcase some of the onese I'm most proud of.
Being clear and concise with your message is key when it comes to any kind of advertising. Being able to break a message or concept down to its simpliest form while remaining impactful is the most effective way to advertise.
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